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Anyone may nominate a species for consideration for the Top 10 list. The species must have been officially described as new during calendar year 2012. The closing date for nominations is March 1, 2013. There are no firm rules or guidelines for the selection of the top ten species and the final list shall be determined by a vote of an international committee of experts appointed by the IISE.

Obvious examples of criteria for selection include “records” (largest, smallest, etc.), “superlatives” (most, first, last, etc.), humorous or interesting names, surprising characters, properties or distributions, etc. Nominations should include a reference to the actual description in a journal or monograph, reference to a Web site or images of the species if they exist, as well as the name and e-mail of the nominator in case the committee has additional questions. Check out this year's Top 10 winners for ideas.

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