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SOS Reports - 2011 and Retro

2011 Report and 2000-2009 Decade in Review SOS Issued

Since its first release in 2008, The State of Observed Species (SOS) Report has been issued annually in partnership with the International Plant Names Index (IPNI); Thomson Reuters Zoological RecordAlgaeBase (algae), and MycoBank (fungi).  The SOS is a report card on the status of our knowledge of earth's species and summarizes the number of species newly described in the most recent year for which complete data are available.  The 2011 SOS Report includes features such as:

  • Species At-a-Glance: a table of earth's total living species for 2009;
  • Species Bites: quick facts and data analysis summaries; and
  • Fossil and Extant (living) species data disaggregation.

In addition to SOS 2011, IISE has prepared a Retro SOS Report which provides data trends across taxa and a retrospective view of new species officially described from 2000-2009.