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Top 10 - 2011

Underwater Mushroom

(Headwaters of the Rogue River; three specimens braving the current; two specimens braving the current - photographs © Robert Coffan)

Name:  Psathyrella aquatica

Common Name:  Rogue mushroom

Family:  Psathyrellaceae

How it made the Top 10:  First report of a mushroom species fruiting underwater.

Reference:  Frank, J.L., R.A. Coffan and D. Southworth. 2010. Aquatic gilled mushrooms: Psathyrella fruiting in the Rogue River in southern Oregon. Mycologia 102(1):93-107.

Type Material:  Holotype – University of Michigan Fungus Collection (MICH), Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Type Locality:  USA, Oregon, Jackson County, north of Prospect.

Etymology:  In reference to the aquatic habitat.

Click here to see video of the mushroom.

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