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Top 10 - 2010

Far-out Frogfish


(Top left image of frogfish jetting and the right image is it walking with its fins) Histiophryne psychedelica © David Hall/seaphotos.com

Name:  Histiophryne psychedelica

Common Name:  Psychedelic frogfish

Family:  Antennariidae

How it made the Top 10:  It has an unusual psychedelic pattern and is unique among frogfishes in being flat-faced.

Reference:  Pietsch, T.W., R.J. Arnold and D.J. Hall. 2009. A bizarre new species of frogfish of the genus Histiophryne (Lophiiformes: Antennariidae) from Ambon and Bali, Indonesia. Copeia 1:37–45.

Type Material:  Holotype – Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Oseanologi, Jakarta, Indonesia (NCIP). Paratypes – University of Washington.

Type Locality:  Indonesia, Maluku Province, Ambon Island, Ambon City, Ambon Bay.

Etymology:  "The specific epithet psychedelica, alludes to the unique pigment pattern of swirling concentric rings and stripes that everywhere cover the head, body, and fins."

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