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Top 10 - 2009

Spray-on New Species

Image by Erik Holsinger

Name: Microbacterium hatanonis

Common Name: None

Family: Microbacteriaceae

How it made the Top 10: Surprisinigly, this new species of extremophile bacteria was discovered in hairspray.

Reference: Bakir, M.A., T. Kudo & Y. Benno. 2008. Microbacterium hatanonis sp. nov., isolated as a contaminant of hairspray. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 58: 654-658.

Type Material: "The type strain, FCC-01T (=JCM 14558T =DSM 19179T), was isolated from hairspray."

Type Locality: None specified

Etymology: This new species is named in honor of Dr Kazunori Hatano, "for his contribution to the understanding of the genus Microbacterium."

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